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If you're new to the Knoxville area, looking for answers, or searching for a fresh start, our Sunday morning service is a great place to begin.​


As you walk in you’ll be greeted by a team of people eager to serve you or answer any questions you may have. If you have kids and want to check them in to Children’s Ministry, head to the right after you enter the building. You’ll see a check-in area with folks to help.

On your way to the auditorium, be sure to grab a donut and coffee out in the lobby if you feel inclined! As you walk in, someone will hand you a program with the order of our service, a few announcements, and a guest card you can fill out and save till the end of the meeting.

We begin our meeting at 10 AM with a call to worship: a verse from Scripture that invites us to sing to God and gives us reasons to do so. During our time of singing, we might read Scripture, celebrate baptisms, enjoy the Lord’s Supper, or read a historic confession together. We typically sing for about 30 minutes. Then a pastor prays for the needs of our church, and we have a few announcements.



Before the sermon, we have a brief break when the older kids (K-5th grade) are dismissed for their Children’s Ministry classes. Guests can head out to the lobby to check in their kids if they haven’t yet. Then the sermon begins. We typically preach for 40-45 minutes, the largest portion of our service. We will close with a song and a benediction from Scripture that sends us out trusting in the Lord’s goodness and grace to keep us.

After the meeting you’ll find that our church really enjoys hanging out together. People are slow to leave! Often, we’ll have an event or treats after the meeting to encourage folks to stay around and get to know one another. There is a guest table out in the lobby where guests can find out any information they’d like about our church. They can also drop off the guest cards from their programs here and get a free book. The pastors are also always down front immediately after the meeting, available to talk or pray for you.



In the days after visiting, if you filled out one of those guest cards, someone from our guest team will contact you and simply seek to serve you by answering any questions you have or letting you know about any upcoming events we have as a church.

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